Down Syndrome Guild of Southeast Michigan
I-Man's Incredibles - Captain: Pat Craddock


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Cousin Adam
Vasi Lannen
Chuck Norman
Cousin Bob and Carolyn
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Cousins Jackson, Colleen and Dane
cheryl & Alex
Scott & Susanne LePage
Uncle Dave & Aunt Jodi
Dad, Mom & Keegan
Elizabeth Cousineau
Aunt Joan
Bella & LilO Townsend
Bob & Loretta Mayer
Danielle Clayton & Mike Basford
The Krabill Family
Sue & Ed Sniezek
Chris Q
Pierre & Julie Dugas
Grandpa & Nana Knobloch
Colin and Rory Craddock
Nancy Dalgleish
Vukich Family
Angela Lamb
Aunt Jo
The Cochran Family
The Elliott Family
Grandpa Craddock
Jason Schrider
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Adam Woodmansee
Andrea Cowan
Calliope Schrider
Henry Borio
Sarah Caspersen
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Alexandra Lannen
Amber Craddock
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Marilyn Wagnitz
Maribeth Guys
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Clara Dalgleish
Daniel Cowan
Andrew Walters
Whit Walters
Annie Dalgleish
cheryl rama
Mike Malenfant
Rory Craddock
Joseph Caspersen
Marie Ralko
Maggie Borio
Julie B Dugas
Thomas Nevells
Grandpa Craddock
Christopher Lasher
Elizabeth Woodmansee
Mike Basford
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Lauren Malenfant
Keegan Craddock
Vasi Lannen
Henry Dalgleish
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Lauren Dalgleish
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Pat Craddock
Meaghan Walters
Ian Craddock
Jennifer Rama
Alexander Marcu
Pierre Dugas
Nancy Dalgleish
Angela Lamb
Leo Schrider
Grandma Craddock
Anna Kamitses
Claire Borio


#TeamNJK9:27:00 AM
Adeline's Army8:48:00 AM
Alina's Allstars10:45:00 AM
Amber's Amazing Angels8:06:00 AM
Anastasia's Army9:48:00 AM
Ava's Admirers10:30:00 AM
Ben's Buddies10:42:00 AM
Big Steps Little Steps9:39:00 AM
Billy Kirst11:18:00 AM
Blakes all stars11:03:00 AM
Charlotte's Crew9:15:00 AM
Cole's Crusaders10:24:00 AM
Coopers Troopers9:24:00 AM
David's Dudes and Divas10:21:00 AM
Dexteraa's Team10:48:00 AM
Drew's Country Crew8:30:00 AM
Eli's joruney2111:00:00 AM
Ellie the Magnificent 9:30:00 AM
Emily Grace8:51:00 AM
Gator Raider9:54:00 AM
Grants Groupies8:21:00 AM
Greyson's Gang8:24:00 AM
Hannah's Party Crew8:45:00 AM
Hearts On Fire for Aiden8:33:00 AM
Honoring Jensen9:33:00 AM
Ileani's  Warriors10:33:00 AM
I-Man's Incredibles8:18:00 AM
Izzy and Friends9:09:00 AM
Jasper Shotaro8:27:00 AM
Johna's Angels11:06:00 AM
Kate the Great!10:00:00 AM
Keeva's Krew8:09:00 AM
Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy Services9:57:00 AM
Maddy Strong10:03:00 AM
Man's Miracle Team9:00:00 AM
Miahs Marching Members8:15:00 AM
Milan's Minions9:12:00 AM
Molly's Hot Tamales11:09:00 AM
Noahas Party Animals9:51:00 AM
Parker's Peeps9:21:00 AM
Reagan's Renegades9:06:00 AM
REGINAE'S "Tribe of Love"10:54:00 AM
Roccos Rad Life8:00:00 AM
Rockin' Mamas 9:36:00 AM
Smiles With Jake8:42:00 AM
Sophie's World 8:36:00 AM
Strides For HOPE !10:27:00 AM
Sunnys Sunshine Crew10:36:00 AM
Super Mario's Crew11:21:00 AM
Team Chrissy 11:15:00 AM
Team Daniel10:06:00 AM
Team Edison9:18:00 AM
Team James8:54:00 AM
Team Landon my homie with the extra chromie9:42:00 AM
Team Nattie10:51:00 AM
Team Nick Stella8:12:00 AM
Team Queara11:12:00 AM
Team Ramsay9:45:00 AM
Team Rickmeister10:39:00 AM
Team Riley10:12:00 AM
Team Robert10:57:00 AM
Team Rockstar9:03:00 AM
Team Vinnie8:57:00 AM
The A Team10:18:00 AM
The Gardner Crew 10:09:00 AM
Wyatt's Warriors10:15:00 AM
You Before Me Lake Orion Kids Care8:03:00 AM
Zoey Power8:39:00 AM
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