Down Syndrome Guild of Southeast Michigan
Honoring Jensen - Captain: Kara Yermak

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We are walking in honor of our son, Jensen.  He was born on August 5, 2016 and sadly died the next day on August 6, 2016.  

He touched so many lives while he was here and continues to impact our lives every day. He brought us joy, love and happiness even before he was born.  He taught us so much about life and love.  He taught us more about life than we could have ever taught him.  Our hope is that his life is remembered as a message to all of us to be compassionate and kind to others.  He was an absolute gift. We want to spread love and kindness and create change in the world.  The only way to do that is to act.




Team Donors
Kathy M
Anna Boekhoven
Erika Grabowski
Geoff & Judi Yermak
Annette Burge
Tony & Shirley
Kristen and Andrew
Susan White
David Yermak
Lori McGrath
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Kathleen Morris
Mike Burt
Kara Yermak
Shannon Brodie
Andrew Yermak
Ashley Burt
Katy Corpuz
Andrew Koritnik
Benjamin Frischhertz
Erika Grabowski
Brandon Minton
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Alexander Corpuz
Shirley Koritnik
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Reese Minton
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